Design 2b Dis Decorative Window Film

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Design 2b Dis Decorative Window Film

Product Code: design-2b-dis

Static Films for Windows are Great for Privacy

This geometric design is printed on a non adhesive material which will give you privacy. Colors are red/orange, muted green, yellow/gold and brown.
One print is sized roughly 8.75 wide x 23.5 tall
one sized 8.75 wide x 19.5 tall.
$50 for both or $25 for one.
Price includes shipping within the continental United States
Call 866-238-9166 to place your order

To View Pricing, Image Preview, and Order Your Custom Window Film

  1. Enter the dimensions of your window and please enter your fractions as decimals, for fractions see fraction helper below. Do not include any other symbols like " or add the word inch.
  2. Select the display material from the drop down and click "Get Pricing."
  3. This will take you to the basket page which will display the price and a Preview button you can click on to see how the film will look.
  4. From here you can click the Checkout button to order, click the Remove button to remove it from the basket, or Save to your Wish List.
  5. If your image doesn't look quite the way you want, Contact Mary Anne and she can make custom edits to get your window film just right.

Stained glass colors and textures will have other subtle colors included along with the main color.
Custom printed to your size, shape and colors

Please feel free to contact me with your custom requests.