Custom Privacy Window Films and Their Use Privacy, Beauty and UV Protection

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Frosted Clear/Privacy Window Film: 4 mil vinyl

Approx. longevity of 2 years outdoor 5-10 indoors

Low tack adhesive back, removable.
Considered a security film since the adhesive back will hold the shares in place if window is broken
Photo Pictures on film
DYI installation
Stained glass illusion
Complete privacy
Defuses glare, bright sun
Stops fading of furniture and floors
Non room darkening
Viewable from both sides
Excellent print quality.
Any smooth or lightly textured surface

Recommended material for most privacy window and back lit applications

Autumn Landscape

View Through Vinyl Perforated/One Way Vision Film: 4mil

5-10+ years indoor

Perforated privacy film, see image from outside, inside a clear view out.

Works well for care facilities, business, home use
or vehicle graphics
Please contact Mary Anne for pricing.

view through

Repositionable Backlit Privacy Window Film 5mil

Matte finish backlit frosted window cling film
Low tack, repositionable adhesive
High quality graphics for backlighting and backlit boxes.

Provides complete privacy day or night when placed on windows.

Allows you to see the design 24/7 from the inside
Recommended for clients who have restrictions on what can be placed on their windows
Image is best seen from the inside, outside view of the design is muted and looks white.

Approximate longevity of the frosted window film is 2 years outdoors when laminated, and 5+ years indoors.

repositionable backlite

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